UniWigs Full Lace Wigs Review

UniWigs full lace wigs are made with top quality remy human hair which is long lasting and more durable. 100% hand-tied lace cap construction has the natural appearance of scalp wherever the hair is seperated, and imitates most sucessfully the natural movement of real hair. They are virtually undetectable and can be worn in a variety of styles including a high ponytail or updo.

1. The hair length should be measured from the hair root to the hair bottom when the hair is straight. The curly and wavy wigs developed from straight wigs, so for the same length, a curly or wavy wig will be shorter by 1″-2″ than a straight wig.

*It varies depending on how deep the curl is.

2. You can re-style the wig just like regular hair, part it anywhere you like. We highly recommend having your wig customized by a salon professional to achieve your desired look as human hair can be easily trimmed and styled.

3. Jet Black is not recommended to lighten or lift color from this hair. If you must color the hair , we recommend a lighter color and using semi permanent color only.

4. The full lace wigs is a delicate material and should be handled with care.

Find the wig in this video by click “LS0008“.

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The Rising Brands for Women Wigs Online

When we talk about women wigs online shop, what come to your mind first?  Wigs.com? Paulayong.com? Ebay or Amazon? Even Aliexpress? Lightinthebox.com? Anything else? Yes, as we all know, these are brand distributors platform, but for women wigs, how many brands do you know?


Hair2Wear: This is the hair you’ve always wanted. Beautiful color. Gorgeous style. And yes, it’s a wig. Surprised? Christie Brinkley wigs are so comfortable and natural looking… the only one to know you’wearing a wig will be you.

HairuWear: We are proud to be the world leader in the category of ‘alternative hair’ accessories, extensions and systems for women and men. As the ultimate global source for the highest quality ‘wearable hair,’ we pledge to continue to position our products in the forefront of the fashion and beauty industry while generating maximum consumer awareness and demand. We will achieve our vision by continuing to utilize the highest-quality human and synthetic hair, the most innovative designs, sophisticated manufacturing techniques, and the most advanced technology available. We stand by our products and support our customer base, stylists and industry with comprehensive education, inspired marketing, innovative merchandising and individualized customer service. Our passion: to inspire women and men throughout the world to see all the possibilities of alternative hair.


UniWigs: Years ago, UniWigs started from a home-based hair factory. Within two decades we have seen a magnificent growth of the business, and we are glad that our products are continuing to spread joy and happiness in the lives of our customers. From day one our goal has always been– To inspire every woman in finding their uniqueness and confidence. We don’t just make and sell wigs, we help create new memories. Nothing makes us happier than seeing a picture of a customer in our wig, or a video showing how great it looks when they put it on. Our primary goal is our customers’ satisfaction.

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A list of typical black girl hair struggles

Like sitting in the salon too long or tying down our hair every night before bed. The struggle often becomes more real for naturalistas with a 4C texture. The struggle is real! The good news is you are not alone. Dive in to find out 10 of the most popular hair issues only 4C hair types understand and share your experiences.

1.Wow, My Ponytail Holder Popped…Again.
2.Yes, Wash Day Is In Fact A Full Day.
3.Shrinkage Is So Real. When your hair is freshly washed, you are experiencing lots of shrinkage. Either rock your hair curly or find techniques to stretch without much heat.

High Angle View Of Accessories On Floor At Home
High Angle View Of Accessories On Floor At Home

4.Are These Bobby Pins One Size Fits All?
5.Product Build-Up Is A Beast. Using a ton of product can have its drawbacks. Product buildup on the scalp can lead to stiff locks, excessive itching and flakes. Remedy the buildup with co-washes and scalp elixirs.
6.To Trim or Not To Trim.
7.Why Won’t This Humidity Let Me Be Great?
8.Darn You, Edge Control.
9.No, A Dime Size Of Product is Not Enough.
10.No, You Cannot Touch My Hair. For some reason, people have an obsession with tightly coiled or “kinky” hair that many of us 4C-ers just don’t share. If you’re familiar with the person, you might let them take a tug at your strands but from most the resounding answer is, “NO!”

This 10 hair issues was originally seen on Essence.com. But here, what I want to say is that we don’t need the african american wigs. We cringe at the thought of anyone calling textured hair “difficult” or “bad.” Despite the constant onslaught of curls and coils being policed pretty much everywhere, it’s important that we continue to embrace our natural locks; for ourselves and others who may struggle with appreciating their mane, too. If our hair journey has taught us anything, it’s that black hair is incredibly diverse; even the curl patterns that exist under just one hair type. We should love what we born to, the hairstyles, the curls even the eyes, face and fingers. Every women have hair issues, the only different is just what the issues is, but the confusion and worry is the same. So you are not so different and the life is beautiful like others. Love yourself and To hair issues!

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Cyber Monday 2016 : 3 days 30% OFF!!!


Carnival is continue now!!! Another 30% OFF for human hair wigs, lace closure, hair toppers and even synthetic wigs. Use code “CM30” to save you money if you miss our Black Friday Sale last day.

Here I just want to remind you that our 50% off for VIP customers are still available, just change the code to “CM50“.

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Uniwigs Pink Complaints and Reply

“I had a little trouble with the shipping process. Took a bit longer then expected to get to me, and I never received a shipping confirmation. But it’s an amazing wig, looks so natural for it being pastel pink. I love it! I get so many compliments. I am looking forward to ordering more.”–Brianna

UniWigs reply: Thank you very much for your review, Brianna. Uniwigs will always offer the stable quality wigs for Unicustomers. Due to the different email servers, you may not receive the shipping notification from us, we are very sorry for the inconvenience.

uniwigs pink wigs
uniwigs pink wigs

“I love this wig!! I have 4 wigs now and this is my favorite so far! It looks so natural, and I get so many compliments! It stinks that you need to use a low heat setting since mine doesn’t go that low and when i used it on the wig it burnt the tips and gets tangles faster but I had another straightener that goes a little lower and it fixed it right up! Also oil! I am in love with this wig!”–Rosalinda

“I didn’t dye my hair pink! I wish I did lol I’ve always wanted pink hair but I don’t think I can pull of pink hair, but after wearing this wig I’m so tempted! Love this lace front wig from UniWigs.”–maikhou_

Find the pink wig here: http://www.uniwigs.com/synthetic-wigs/41306-tonya-synthetic-lace-front-wig.html

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Everyone should has their own Synthetic Full Lace Wig

The type of full lace wig material can be divided into Real Human Hair and Synthetic fiber. Human hair full lace wig has the advantage of strong sense of reality, but also can be stained. But the price is not easy to finalize stereotypes. The price of Synthetic full lace wig is relatively cheaper, if the choice of imported materials made in appearance, feel color, sag, etc. are not inferior to the real human hair effect.

Good synthetic fiber hair is generally fine hair, handmade more refined, the scalp is more like true, the effect is better ventilation. Good synthetic fiber is specifically for the manufacture of wigs out of the ordinary fiber can not be replaced, high-quality wig materials used to take into account the human hair section, the intensity of gloss, thickness, toughness and elasticity, but also to prevent static electricity. Only to choose this full lace wig wearing a realistic and fashionable.

peach wig
peach wig

As I have said that Everyone has their own synthetic full lace wig. So How to choose the hairstyle of your synthetic full lace wig?

Round face: Select some can cover the cheek in the long hair, make the face as long as possible, while the full face is petite.

Oval face: you can choose some bangs forty-six or thirty-seven minutes, the overall large wavy wig, so smooth lines set off in the ribs, will make the whole face looks vivid and streamlined.

Square face: the face of the lady must be careful, if not pay attention to their blunt face defects exposed, it should try to choose some lower levels on both sides, hair curly hair, make the face look Soft many, make you more gentle and charming.

Diamond face: This face is more suitable, especially the forehead part of the loose, the jaw is also fullness of the hair, so the overall feeling will be very coordinated, as is now popular pear head.

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2016 Autumn Sale – Uniwigs.com

Uniwigs 2016 Autumn Sale
Uniwigs 2016 Autumn Sale

Don’t miss this chance to save your money with the coupon code “FALL25“. Human hair wigs, synthetic wigs, hairpieces and extensions included this time. Here I just highly recommend 2 clip in extensions below:

uniwigs extensions
uniwigs extensions

Certified Authentic 100% Remy Human Hair – the finest quality of human hair is exceptionally strong, healthy, soft, shiny and less likely to tangle because the cuticle is still intact and aligned. Style with heat tools and treat just like your own hair. This hair is incredibly soft, vibrant and luxurious. Designed to perfectly blend with your own natural hair and to be resistant to tangling and matting. Exquisite craftsmanship and professional machine stitching secures the hair in the weft.

14″- 90g(net weight, exclude clips)

16″- 100g(net weight, exclude clips)

18″- 105g(net weight, exclude clips)

20″- 115g(net weight, exclude clips)

22″- 130g(net weight, exclude clips)

24″- 150g(net weight, exclude clips)

uniwigs extensions
uniwigs extensions

Unlike the traditional hair extensions, which are attached to your own strands of hair, the new flip in hair comfortably attaches itself around your head by a transparent miracle wire which is undetectably hidden under your own hair. Quite simple and easy, it takes only minutes to apply and remove: Simply place the flip in wire on your head, pull your own hair through over the wire, you will find it rests perfectly on your head and blends naturally with your own hair. With the aid of the adjustable transparent wire, the flip in can fit any head shape or size perfectly. Try this fun and amazing flip in and transform your look in an instant!

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The Latest Uniwigs Review

We have seen so many Uniwigs review and customer shows, even some complaints. Here I just want to say that every store have customer complaints and this is not the most important things, the most important is how we treat them, how make our complaining customers feel better and how to avoid the same thing happen again.

Claire Remy Human Hair Topper
Claire Remy Human Hair Topper

“With no exaggeration, this was a Life Saver, I went through a lot of work related stress at the beginning of 2016 exacerbated by thyrhoid problems and severe Anemia that caused my hair to fall out (lost 40% within 3 weeks and continued shedding for 2 mos). I was so depressed and cried a lot, I just didnt feel like socializing. I stumbled upon June Penny’s video on Youtube which inspired me to get a topper.I first purchased a Remy and was very happy with it and within 4 weeks looked into a different style in terms of the cap design. The Claire is so Natural looking that it is even better than my original hair. Wearing it was such a Confidence Booster. I’ve been to the dentist 2x and was so self conscious and afraid it would ‘flip over’ during the procedure as my head was tilted upward while my body was reclined, but thankfully it held up and looked great!

Unlike June Penny, my bald spot is at the crown so I thinned out the front of the unit and clip it further back exposing my natural bangs and front sides. the transition from my bangs to the edge of cap is seamless. I also stopped coloring my hair to give it a break from the chemicals so the hair  topper conveniently hides my grey hair. I am so happy with the Claire that I purchased another on and cant wait to get it!”–Jenny

Vincy Synthetic Lace Front Wig
Vincy Synthetic Lace Front Wig

“Really love this wig, especially for the color. I get compliments on it everywhere i go with it on. Its quality is good. Totally recommend !”–ellycatt

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How to Buy Your First Wig

It’s usually best to search for a cut you’re familiar with. If you normally wear your hair short, a long wig might feel very unnatural. If you’re accustomed to curly or wavy hair, a pin straight wig is going to seem like a drastic change. Keep your first wig conservative, then branch out as you become a more confident wig wearer.

Sunshine Synthetic Lace Front Wig
Sunshine Synthetic Lace Front Wig

Cleansing & Conditioning
Synthetic hair and human hair each have special needs in order to maintain their optimal look and feel. Wigs, hair extensions & hairpieces for women made from human hair or synthetic hair endure intense chemical processing during production. Prolonging that supple movement is crucial to a natural! To keep your wearable hair in tip top shape, you must use specially formulated hair care product designed to accommodate whichever fiber you are wearing or working with. There is no need to cleanse daily, but there are other steps necessary before or after each wear. The simple tips and techniques outlined here can make all the difference!

Step 1: Detangle
Step 2: Shampoo or CoWash
Step 3: Rinse
Step 4: Condition
Step 5: Dry

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It’s more easy to wear good wig to fit for you, if you spend only a little time to know some basic knowledge.
There are many different options to choose from when ordering Custom Lace
Wigs. In fact, ordering a customized wig can sometimes be overwhelming due to the seemingly endless variety of options. We understand this and were mindful of this fact while creating this page. The guide below will help you become familiar with the terms and options frequently used when ordering and referring to Lace Wigs.


Materials Used to Design Lace Wig Caps

French Lace:
French Lace is very durable, breathable and can used for the front of the hairline and/or the entire base of the wig. It also has good disappearing qualities on the front hairline. Because of its durability, we highly recommend this type of lace for beginners.

Swiss Lace:
Swiss Lace is delicate, breathable and can be used for the front of the hairline and/or the entire base of the wig. Swiss lace is finer and more fragile than French lace. It also blends better with the skin for a less visible appearance.

Stretch Lace/ Stretch Panel:
Stretch Lace generally ensures a perfect fit. If you’re a beginner, then we highly recommend that you have your cap designed with a stretch panel. The stretch lace panel is a safety net to ensure that your Lace Wig will fit if you aren’t certain that you’ve taken accurate head measurements. Stretch lace is usually located at the crown or ears of Lace Wig caps. The remainder of the cap is designed using French lace, Swiss lace or some of the various materials listed below depending on preference.

Thin Skin:
Thin Skin is a very thin polyurethane material that can be used for the front of the hairline and/or the entire base of the wig. The extremely thin Micro Skin polyurethane material is ventilated by hand, using a looping technique so the hair will stay secure longer, and so that it appears to be growing directly out of the scalp. Please note that this material does not allow your scalp/skin to breathe as well as other materials used in making Lace Wig caps such as lace, silktops and monofilament wigs.
Material of the cap is very important for a high-quality wig ,just like material of a suit of clothes.
Above material are only basic material for a cap , next time I will introduce you more about them :)

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