Pretty cool Hairstyles for women: The Pixie Cut

The pixie cut first made headlines in the 1960s, and as more and more stars cut their hair into this sweet pixie style, it’s become more and more commonly seen among people around you. Slightly boyish yet all-around sexy and still feminine hairstyle on a beautiful woman exudes confidence and commands attention.
Who says women should wear long hair? They can be the same sexy and attractive, maybe even excess, with full-on, short, above-the-ears haircuts. Here, we round up the biggest, boldest, and bravest stars who have inspired us with this short, pixie hairstyle over the decades.



Audrey Hepburn

Audrey Hepburn

This is her hairstyle from Roman Holiday, 1953. With this short yet sexy hairstyle, she has impacted generations after generations on hair styling, especially in the 1950s. We love her, and we love this hairstyle.


Liza Minnelli

If you can recall, you can still remember her excellent performance with her gorgeous hairstyle in the movie, Cabaret in 1969. So in love with her cute short hairstyle with sexy black color.




Madonna with short hair is seldom seen in newspapers or magazines. This stunning blonde pixie hair matching her cool black jacket as a profile photo reveal in 1980s is so amazingly looking that even women would like to love her.


Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman

Short hairstyle in 2000s. Natalie Portman puts the “P” in Pixie hairstyles with these razored short layers and fine texture with purple toned black, or a red auburn black.

Emma Watson

Emma Watson

Known as the player of Hermione Granger, Emma now is also popular for her sense of fashion and trend. She has her own interpretation for hairstyle, too. Look at her hort side slicked hairstyle with caramel highlights, even with so short hair, she has the full attention on the stage.

Victoria Beckham

OMG, I cannot move my eyes from her. Her pixie cut with black color hairstyle along with her overall black outfit is so perfect that any change of her will impact her superior beauty.
Yes, with short hair you can still have your own beauty. Chop off your hair or wear synthetic wigs to join this big Pixie Club!

Pixie Synthetic Wigs

Pixie Wigs

How to Buy Wigs

Look for wigs in hair salons or wig stores.

Choose a wig based on your head size. Most wigs are considered average but there are average to large wigs available.

If you are buying a wig for casual use, then buy a simple color and style.

If you are buying a wig for a role, research what your role’s hair would look like
You can go for a different color and style, if you know your color time. Most people are either warm or cool in their color tones. Ask a beautician or cosmetologist to help you decide the best color for you.

You can go for a different color and style, if you know your color time. Most people are either warm or cool in their color tones. Ask a beautician or cosmetologist to help you decide the best color for you.

Purchase a wig that you can secure to your head. If you will be dancing, playing a sport, or moving around a lot, make sure you can secure the wig to your head so it doesn’t fall off.

Select a wig based on your daily hairstyles. If you are straightening or curling your hair a lot, buy two wigs so one can be straight and one can be curly.
9Make sure it looks like real hair, feels like real hair, and fits you head. If it doesn’t, you will look like Barbie! As with all things you get what you pay for. Purchase a wig with a “see through” cap and open weaving for the most natural look. Some wigs have lace fronts leading to a more natural look.

Don’t say you are wearing a wig. Just be quiet about it.

Make sure to attach your wig securely. We don’t want it to fly off!!

Imagine how you will look in a wig and choose your color and texture so you will know exactly what you want.

If you can, try on the wig before buying it. This will save you a lot of time.
If you are a cancer patient, don’t wear a hat or a scarf so they can see you are looking for a wig.
Be nice to the sales person.
Tell them what color you want.

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New products of Hair Extensions

20″ Triple Ombre Color 9 Pieces Body Wave Clip In Indian Remy Human Hair Extension

The Uniwigs clip-in hair extensions are made from the finest quality materials, using premium quality Remy human hair. Consists of nine weft pieces, available in a range of colors.


Fiber: Indian Remy Human Hair

Approx. Length: 20″

Color Shown: G-T1B/4/18

Texture: Body Wave

Weight: 110g (hair net weight)+ 16 clips

Each Set Includes: 1 piece – 9″ wide-4 clips. 1 piece – 7″ wide-3 clips.  2 pieces -6″ wide- 2 clip. 5 pieces- 1.5″ wide- 1 clip ( 2 extra clips provided)

Made of superior 100% Indian Remy hair, this beautiful extension measures 16 inches in length. It can be flat-ironed, curled and/or colored. Designed to perfectly blend with your own natural hair and to be resistant to tangling and matting. Exquisite craftsmanship and professional machine stitching secures the hair in the weft.

Each set consists of seven 16″ long pieces in varying weft widths: 2 pieces – 6″ wide-3 clips. 3 pieces – 4″ wide-2 clips.  2 pieces -1.5″ wide- 1 clip ( 2 extra clips provided).
Please Note: Human Hair extensions have been previously treated and chemically processed. It is not recommended to lighten or lift color from this hair. If you must color the human hair extensions, we recommend purchasing light color 613 or 24 and using semi permanent color to deposit only.

16″ Off Black 7 Pieces Straight Clip In Indian Remy Human Hair Extension E716002STW-G-1B16-off-black-7-pieces-straight-clip-in-indian-remy-human-hair-extension-e716002stw-g-1b

Fiber: Indian Remy Human Hair

Each Set Includes: 2 pieces – 6″ wide-3 clips. 3 pieces – 4″ wide-2 clips.  2 pieces -1.5″ wide- 1 clip ( 2 extra clips provided)

Approx. Length: 16″

Texture: Straight

Weight: 65g (hair net weight)+ 14 clips

Resources: Clip In Hair Extensions

Ombre Hair Extensions

UniWigs News

New products of flip-in hair



In order to instant transformation to thicker, longer hair. With the aid of the adjustable transparent wire, the flip in can fit any head shape or size perfectly. Clip in can be easy to wear with clips attached. Giving you more hair volume. Clip in or Flip in. You choose what you like.


Fiber: Heat Friendly Synthetic

Color Shown: Ombre Pink

Approx. Length: Overall 20″

Texture: Curl

Weight: 3.80 oz

Base Size: 1pc - 11.5″ ×1.25″

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LaLa 18″ Wave Indian Remy Human Hair Ombre Color Full Lace Wig

Top quality Indian remy human hair (Tangle Free + Long Lasting) full lace wigs, full French lace construction with stretch panel on the top.
Single knots around the perimeter, double knots elsewhere. Naturally Lala ombre color silk straight long hair style!
Celebrity wigs are custom made to be 90% like the hair style shown in the picture.


Our Price : $374.89

Retail Price: $624.89

Hair Type: 100% Indian remy human hair

Hair Length: 18″

Color Shown: as shown

Hair Texture: Wave

Cap Size: Medium

Cap Construction: Full lace cap with stretch panel in the crown

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Ombre Hair Colors You’ll Ever See

Ombre’ is one the hottest hair color trends because it has so many different options! The variety of this trend can be seen in every magazine and on the runways. Go bold, soft, colorful or natural with endless color choices. It’s a great way to have low maintenance hair that doesn’t sacrifice style!


Even if you’re far from the beach, you can achieve the ultimate beachy babe look. A soft transition into caramel ombre’ paired with loose curls can easily go from office to evening, or is always perfect for a day at the beach!

Soft Caramel Dream Ombre Hair Color


Soft Caramel Dream Ombre Hair Color Back View

Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:

Any shade of skin tone can wear this soft shade. Ask your stylist to match up your perfect caramel shade to partner with your natural brown, or a shade you choose. Medium to thick hair that holds a curl nicely works best for this style.


If you are a dark haired beauty that colors your hair, it may take a few appointments to achieve the lightness of this look. Talk to your stylist and grab a take home conditioning treatment to keep your locks looking great. Try Pravana’s Nevo 60 Sec Deep Treatment.


Ombre’ doesn’t always have to be the expected brown to blonde transition. This chocolate into cherry transition adds interest and a bit of brightness to your everyday look! It’s great for those brunette beauties who don’t want to go lighter but love the ombre’ look.

texture of the old brass

Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:

Fair to medium skin tones carry the red beautifully, while hair that is thick will replicate this picture more closely.


When adding red to your hair, make sure to shampoo with a color safe, sulfate-free shampoo. Try Kevin Murphy Hydrate Shampoo paired with a leave-in conditioner with UVA and UVB inhibitors to keep your red looking fabulous!


One of the hottest trends within the ombre’ trend is to add bright vivid colors! Blonde looks amazing with ribbons of pink twisted within beautiful curls. Not a pink fan? Try lavender, mint green, coral, baby blue or pale yellow.

Pink Ribbons Blonde Ombre Hair Color src=

Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:

For the cool blonde, light toned beauties with cooler undertones look best, but pink goes with any skin tone!  Hair that is compromised (or damaged) will grab onto bright colors easier.


Not sure if you want a bright color every day? Give it a try with clip-in extensions. Ask your stylist where you can purchase them or if they could custom make them for you in your favorite hue.


Soft fluffy curls paired with a honey toned ombre’ leaves you feeling like you’re walking up in the clouds!  A soft transition is key with this color.

Honey Clouds Ombre Hair

Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:

Light to medium toned skin with warmer undertones looks best in this shade of honey. Mid to fine hair types will achieve this look easily with the right tools and products.


Keep your finer locks healthy and hydrated with Pravana’s Intense Therapy leave-in treatment. To keep heat damage at a minimum, try some no heat options for beautiful curls.

Get the look: Michelle Obama’s hairstyles

When talking about Michelle Obama, the 44th first lady and wife of President Barack Obama, there is a lot we should explore. For most fashion women, they may still be impressed by her classic hairstyles.

Michelle Obama

Since Michelle Obama became the latest First Lady of the United States, she immediately gained the fashion community’s vote for her all-American style. We’ve always thought Michelle Obama had the elegance and grace of a model, and she is definitely a style icon, not only with clothes but also with hairstyles. She’s a great role model for women. As her new life begins, her trends with hair and fashion will be in the constant media spotlight. We love seeing her romantic looks and stylist taste for classic fashion.

Michelle Obama has been in the White House for many years—and while the rest of the world has been lusting after her impeccable sense of style, the beauty editors among us have been marveling at her incredible range of hairstyles. Who’s responsible for those tresses? Johnny Wright, the First Lady’s exclusive hairstylist and artistic style director for Soft Sheen-Carson. Not surprisingly, the Chicago native is similarly fashion-minded. “The hair is just like any other accessory,” he told us. “You’ve really got to make it go with what you’re wearing.” We dished with Wright and got tips for pulling off styles that are downright presidential.

So are you also pursuing fashion on hair by making a hairstyle similar to her? Don’t look around, all you want is here for you to choose! UniWigs is now offering you many Michelle hairstyles to look beautiful and elegant even if you are already middle-aged women.

Find the Perfect Wig for Your Face Shape

OVAL – As the name implies, the Oval Shaped Face is longer than wide, with a jaw that’s narrower than the cheekbones. Because the oval shaped face has no dominant areas, your forehead, cheekbones, jaw line and chin are so proportional, this face looks good with just about any hairstyle, length or texture. Lucky you . . . anything goes!

Click here to view wigs that can work with this face shape

ROUND – The Round Shaped Face is characterized by a wide hairline and fullness below the cheekbones. AVOID WIDTH. In some people, the neck may also appear short. Round faces look very good with a geometric or linear style. Add height when possible, and long, wispy side areas to make the cheeks look narrow. Comb hair close to the head on the sides and at the nape.

Click here to view wigs that can work with this face shape

SQUARE -You have a wide hairline and a wide jaw. It is desirable to create the illusion of length. So, you need height on top and narrowness at the sides. Comb your hair off the forehead to add height to your face. Try a curly wig that is mid-length or longer. Also, wisps of hair around your face will break the wide, straight lines. You need a hairstyle with softness to lessen the effects of angles. AVOID ONE- LENGTH HAIRSTYLES.

Click here to view wigs that can work with this face shape

DIAMOND – You have a narrow chin and a narrow forehead. Your cheekbones are wider. So you need to reduce width at the sides of your wig – and you want to add fullness at the chin line. AVOID HEIGHT ON TOP OR VOLUME ON THE SIDES. Bob hairstyles work very well for a diamond face shape. Also use some fringe or bang to cover your narrow forehead.

Click here to view wigs that can work with this face shape

HEART – You have a narrow chin and a wide forehead. So, you need to add volume at the chin. Bring some hair onto the forehead to disguise its width. You want more fullness in front of your earlobes and around your jaw. Try to keep your hair close to your head at the eyes. The most flattering style for you is a pageboy as well as subtle layers. AVOID SHORT HAIR AND CHOPPY LAYERS.

Click here to view wigs that can work with this face shape

PEAR – Characterized by a small or narrow forehead and a rather large, pouchy-appearing jaw line; the Pear Shaped Face is the least common of all. So, you need to add volume from your eyes to the crown of your head. Full, layered looks can deflect attention from the middle of your face. A classic shag hairstyle looks wonderful, as you can comb the hair close to your head on the sides and at the nape. AVOID JAW LENGTH, BLUNT CUTS.

Click here to view wigs that can work with this face shape

OBLONG – You have a very long, narrow bone structure. You may also have a long, thin neck. Creating the illusion of an oval face is desired. So, you simply add width and fullness at the sides with soft curls and waves. Use a fringe or half bang across the forehead as this will help shorten your face too. AVOID ONE LENGTH CUTS AND SHORT LAYERS THAT ADD VOLUME TO THE CROWN AREA.

Custom Ciara 24″ Wave Indian Remy Human Hair Ombre Color Lace Front Wig


Top quality Indian remy human hair (Tangle Free + Long Lasting), lace front construction with wefted back gives you a natural front hairline, extremly comfortable on the scalp. A soft wave celebrity ombre hair style.

Celebrity wigs are custom made to be 90% like the hair style shown in the picture.


Hair Type: 100% Indian remy human hair

Hair Length: 24″

Color Shown: T2/613

Hair Texture: Wave

Cap Size: Medium

Cap Construction: Lace front with wefted back

Uniwigs Lace Front Wig

Uniwigs Ciara long wave blond ombre color style lace front wig is similar to the full lace wig, except it has lace from the front to back about 3 inches which gives you a natural front hairline. Wefts are sewn onto the stretch cap from the crown down which allows you to pull the hair up in a ponytail.
Uniwigs lace front wigs are made with top quality remy human hair which is long lasting and more durable.
They are virtually undetectable and imitate most successfully the natural movement of real hair.

Hair Type: 100% Indian remy human hair

Hair Length: 24″

Density: 130%

Color Shown: T2/613

Hair Texture: Wave

Baby Hair: Natural hairline with baby hair all around the perimeter

Cap Construction: Lace front with wefted back

Cap Size: Medium

Lace Type: Durable brown French lace

Bleached Knots: Along the perimeter

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