UniWigs Natural Brunette Lace Front Synthetic Wig Review

Hi everyone. Welcome to another review. Today I bring to you guys UniWigs. They are a wig company I’m reviewing for today. I have always wanted to review for UniWigs before. I have followed them on Instagram and I love their wigs. They have so many different types of varieties on their website. These are really high quality wigs. So the price is gonna be a little bit more up. But before we get into that I want to show you guys the wig I’m gonna review. I will show you how it looks like close and personal before I put it on.

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As you can tell the lace is cut. There’s three clips inside. That’s the maximum support and it also comes with hooks at the bottom. This wig is called Chocolate Kisses. It’s straight and 24 inches long. It’s heat friendly fiber. I showed you at the lace front with the weft back and an average cap size.

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If I pull if up, you can see it’s slipping. That’s just because I don’t have any lace front glue. The hairline is pretty natural especially if you put baby hairs out. You can really see the line. That makes it slightly unnatural so you might want to add some concealer. It’s not a big problem. There is mild synthetic shine. But that’s not bad. I wouldn’t say it’s a completely matte wig. You can just put some powder on it and then the shine gone!

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I’m very impressed with UniWigs and really excited to finally have a wig from them. It’s brunette so it’s really easy to create celebrity style or start getting in to character and more Disney looks.

Coupon: SH10 for 20% off



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Happy Easter! Check Your Coupon Inside – UniWigs Trendy



25% off offer valid through 4.4

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UniWigs Trendy Easter Sale

1. Macrons

MACARON DREAMING! Look at this..! This wig is everything!! I’m so impressed by the customer service team and how helpful they’ve been, after I accidentally ordered two of the same item. I can’t fault the wig.. The color is beautiful, the quality is great & I’m already planning to order heaps more! Perfect for my Instagram!

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2.Barbie Doll

If I could give them 10 stars I would! I just received mine today and I gotta say its absolutely BEAUTIFUL! It’s super soft and looks so realllll! I was so shocked. It fits beautifully and don’t ever wanna take it off. I am going to be a loyal customer forever. I’m already saving up for my next one! :))

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40% Off for UniWigs Trendy Black Curly Lace Front Wig

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Night Elf

Black curly short hair.

Always classic. Never out of fashion.

CODE: SFS 40% Off



As my hair is very short now, i was looking for a wig similar to my real hair when it grows. This wig really has a big quantity of hair, so full, but not crazy bulky, the hairline slighly on the side is really well done and is really flattering. Looks natural and not shiny and is easy to brush as usual on uniwigs products. Lovely! Looks like my real hair grow up :P

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30% Off on All Exclusively Designed Trendy Wigs!!

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There are so many wig store online today and maybe you have getting bored with their similar product. I guess that’s because they all wholesale wigs from wig factories. But UniWigs Trendy don’t. We have a very unique product line that all wigs are designed and produced by our own. You can find many unmatched products here.

To celebrate the 2nd anniversary of UniWigs Exclusive  Trendy wigs, we offer 30% off for all wigs in this collection.  Use your code SFY to save your money. Offer valid till 3.16 EST

Here are some recommendations for your purchase.

1. Lavender Dawn

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Lavender Dawn

OMG, I’m in love with this wig it gives me a new life. I will be making more purchases from this website. This is an awesome wig. Lots of hair to work with. Love it. Love it had so many people asking me where did I get it. I told them UniWigs!!. GREAT wig to be synthetic. It’s very soft & the lace is thick but it kinda makes it easier to blend. I recommend this wig to literally everyone & have received a million compliments. Would definitely buy again if need be!!!

2. Moon Nymph

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Moon Nymph

OMG this wig is EVERY THING. It was my first time purchasing & trying on a wig and I freaking love this.
It is so beautiful, natural, no tangling and so soft. I was nervous about this because I have no talent doing my own hair but the quality covers my poor styling ability. Yes maybe it is a little bit pricy, but if you are looking for a good wig, you should get it.


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How to rock black synthetic wigs?

Today I am teaching you all about wigging it. Wigs. Synthetic ones specifically. If you’re a beginner with wigs, and are trying out a synthetic one because let’s face it, human ones are DAMN expensive, then this might help.

Step one: Brush out the hair. A lot of wigs often appear fake because they’re very very tangled so I have to brush it out.

Step two: Grab your straightener or your hairdryer or anything with heat and start smoothing it out. Wigs especially ones often come a bit kinky or or out of the box and we’d not really like and if we ordered a wavy sort of wig, we need to smoothen it out lightly because it’s plastic after all. Run it through with some heat.

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Barbie Doll

Because synthetic wigs are often used for cosplay, they’re very very long. You need to chop it off a bit. Try not to overdo it. Practice your future hairdressing skills on this wig. Think of it as your own hair. Look at your wig and realize the fact that if you put on your wig as it is, it would probably look like a helmet. Grab your your tweezers and start plucking it. Be generous with it. Our hairline is like an imperfect folding scenario and we want the same for our wigs. Repeat all over on the hairline. Don’t forget the parting otherwise it’s gonna look real fake and then go over it with a hairdryer to smoothen out the parting. This can be applied anytime.

Part your hair as the same parting as you’d like on your wig. So all the way down to the very back and then start french braiding it. When you’re doing it, make sure it’s tightLY neat and most of all flat. We’re not looking for perfect. We’re looking for a flat braid. And then take your wig cap and very nicely and neatly tuck in . All wigs should come with adjustable straps and you need to make sure that the wig is really really super tight on your head.

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Black synthetic lace front wig

Now put it on your head. Make sure that it’s secure on your head. Once you admire how beautiful you look, it’s time to fix that parting. You will see that in the middle there’s a white strip through it and that is the sculpt showing through.Obviously on a wig there’s no such thing so we need to fake it. Wigs are also missing baby hairs. If you look at your own hairline, you will see that you have a bunch of tiny strands on your face. We’re gonna do the same for the wig. Separate a section, straighten it lightly with a straightener and then chop it. Think about an inch to two inches away from your face.

This is how I personally DIY my wig anytime I get one. This is something I do specifically for synthetic wigs. If you’re a beginner and if obviously want to buy a synthetic wig because it’s relatively cheaper and you want to start, I hope this could have been of some help to you. Oh don’t forget to use my code SH10 for 20% off on UniWigs.com



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trendy wigs
UniWigs Trendy Pink Collection

Get V-Day ready!

Grab these pink wigs for yourself & you’ll totally slay on Valentine’s Day!

Code: SH30

Now through 2.11 EST

1. Dusty Rose

I love this wig so much! It looks very natural and so many people thought it was real! I definitely recommend buying this wig . Forewarning: yes, when you first receive it, it looks fake and very curly. I simply straightened it with a flat iron on a very very low setting temp. After that and brushing it with the included brush, it works great!

pink lace front wigs
Dusty Rose


2. Coral doll

I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS WIG! This wig fits perfectly I don’t even have to glue it down in order for it to look more fitting and natural. It is a little on the longer side, but what surprised me was it barely tangled and I wore it out all night. There is no shine, little to no shedding, barely needed plucking, looked like my natural hairline, and came in cute packaging, as usually with Uniwigs. The color of the wig was also the exact color in the pictures. Very happy with the purchase!

UniWigs pink collection
Coral doll


3. Tonya Synthetic Lace Front Wig

I absolutely LOVE this wig. I’ve never bought a wig before, saw this exact wig on IG and couldn’t wait to get it. It came perfect in a box wrapped in a net. So there was know hair out of place. It fit perfectly, looked real, and never felt like it was going to come off. Even while I was dancing. Can’t wait to buy another one.

trendy wigs
Tonya Synthetic Lace Front Wig


4. Pure passion

This is my second time ordering from here and I’m very happy once again!! The delivery is always way sooner than expected and there was also a little Thanksgiving card, so cute! I absolutely love this wig, it’s so soft and the color is so vibrant. People always think it’s my real hair:)

red wigs
Pure Passion


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In order to reward our beloved customers, UniWigs Trendy will offer FREE WIG with limited quantity. What are you waiting for?

How to be the lucky girl?

1. You need to purchase Trendy Wigs or Hair Extensions

2. You must use the code SH10 for 10% off

3. All top 50 customers will get the free wig

4. Same customer with different orders can only get one free wig

Are you the lucky one?

 Some Inspiration for your purchase: 

1. Lavender Dawn

I’ve been wearing wigs due to my alopecia for nearly a year and quite honestly this is the most lovely wig I have purchased. It looks so natural with a nice thickness and lovely to touch. Since brushing it I’ve used a homemade sea salt spray to add the waves back to it that worked a treat. It took just over a week to arrive and since I live in the UK I didn’t think that was bad at all! Would definitely repurchase and buy other wigs from this company. It really looks amazing and has given me so much confidence. Super in love. Not too expensive but definitely worth the money! Could not recommend more!

wigs,synthetic wigs,cosplay wigs,lavender wigs
Lavender Dawn

2. Coco lace front wig

I didn’t see a lot of women of color with this wig on but I’m so glad I went ahead and decided to try it. The lace was great and I colored the part I cut off with my foundation. It hasn’t really tangles and I get a lot of compliments!!

cosplay wigs,synthetic wigs,wigs,pastel wigs
Pastel wig

3.Coral Doll

I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS WIG! This wig fits perfectly I don’t even have to glue it down in order for it to look more fitting and natural. It is a little on the longer side, but what surprised me was it barely tangled and I wore it out all night. There is no shine, little to no shedding, barely needed plucking, looked like my natural hairline, and came in cute packaging, as usually with UniWigs. The color of the wig was also the exact color in the pictures. Very happy with the purchase!

wigs,synthetic wigs,cosplay wigs,coral wigs
Coral Doll



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Synthetic wigs washing guide

If you wear your synthetic wig every day, wash it every 3 weeks.

1. De-Tangle

  • Before you wash, be sure to carefully detangle the hair using a wide tooth comb.
  • Lightly brush through and gently remove any tangles using a wide tooth comb/brush. Do not pull or drag the fibre ….be gentle!

2. Wash

  • Fill a bowl with COLD water (never hot, as heat damages fibres).
  • Mix a capful of shampoo into the water.
  • Immerse your wig and allow it to soak for few minutes.

3. Rinse

  • Immerse your wig in a fresh bowl of cold water to remove shampoo.
  • Do NOT squeeze or wring your wig.

4. Condition

  • Apply conditioner directly to your wig, stroking downwards from roots to ends.
  • Leave in 4–5 minutes.
  • Rinse by immersing wig once more in fresh cold water.

5. Towel dry

  • Place the wig between a folded towel and pat dry.
  • Never squeeze, rub or wring your wig while drying.
  • Remove from towel.

6. Style and hair dry

  • Gently shake the wig to regain its style. Alternatively, lightly style it with a wig comb or your fingers.
  • Place wig on a folding wig stand or over the mouth of a large jar or vase to dry naturally. Never use a hair dryer, as heat damages synthetic fibres.


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